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It's never been a better time to learn electronics and programming. The cost of computing components keeps decreasing, and many companies are making it easier and accessible (Adafruit, Sparkfun, etc). Couple that with the rise of Python, and the barriers to entry continue to get lower and lower.


This guide is for people new to Adafruit and to electronics.

  • The focus is on the Adafruit ecosystem
  • Roadmap for people new to the Adafruit ecosystem.
  • Review Adafruit lingo and branding.

This website does not cover electronics in general -- Along the way some electronics is discussed, but this website does not cover topics in depth.

As much as possible, links to additional resources or references will be provided.


I am not affiliated with Adafruit in any way, and I am not being paid by Adafruit. I'm just a huge fan of Adafruit. I wrote this guide because I haven't seen anything on Adafruit similar to this.

Getting Started