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Raspberry Pi Foundation's first microcontroller Raspberry Pi Pico and the chipset RP2040.

Adafruit has a great walkthrough on how to get started with CircuitPython with Raspberry Pi Pico

The RP2040 chipset is used by other manufacturers to produce a whole range of new microcontrollers:

Here's a great write up of the best RP2040 boards in 2022:

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking to get kids coding and learning electronics with Raspberry Pi Pico Now, thanks to our brand-new and free Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico learning path, young coders can easily join in and make their own cool Pico projects! This free learning path has six guided projects to help kids to independently develop their coding skills, and their skills in physical computing and electronics.

-Raspberry Pi Pico is compared to the ESP32-S2 in a speed comparison benchmark using CircuitPython So the ESP32-S2 needs 128% more current to run the script, but for 50% less time. In total, the Raspberry Pi Pico needed 10% less power to perform this task, which is not significant in my opinion. In short, the ESP32-S2 outperforms the Raspberry Pi Pico for single-core processing workloads. It costs more or less the same, it’s $1 more expensive, it has more RAM, Flash memory, and of course WiFi, which the Raspberry Pi Pico lacks. The Raspberry Pi Pico, on the other hand, has two processing cores, but I believe that in more than 90% of our projects, the use of a second core is unnecessary.

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