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Choosing a board

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Adafruit Learn Guides on choosing a microcontroller

Here are some great Adafruit guides on how to choose a microcontroller:

Considerations for Choosing a Board

There are many features to consider when choosing a board

Reference: Youtube video: CircuitPython School - Choosing a Board for CircuitPython: A Few Important Considerations

  • Minute 4:00 - Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect Pros and Cons listed
  • Minute 6:15 Stemma-QT is discussed
  • Minute 8:49 Stemma standard is discussed - not plug-compatible with Stemma-QT
  • Minute 10:30 - Feather RP2040 Pros and Cons listed
  • Minute 11:19 - QT Py RP2040 Pros and Cons listed
  • Minute 12:19 Microcontrollers vs "Computers"

Youtube video: CircuitPython School - Adding STEMMA QT_Qwiic to an Arduino RP2040 + Using a Temperature Sensor

  • Minute 0:57 Stemma QT recap
  • Minute 1:42 Lists some boards which have STEMMA-QT ports


Explore what is STEMMA or STEMMA QT

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CircuitPython components for beginners

  • sensors - temperature, light, sound, proximity
  • Rotary encoders
  • Potentiometers
  • buttons
  • relays
  • cameras
  • displays

Digi-Key and Make: Announce New Boards Guide and Companion Augmented Reality App

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