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Adafruit has great documentation for CircuitPython.

This page tries to supplement the existing documentation by providing a quick overview and a summary of the overall process.

Other documentation listed at Additional Referernces

CircuitPython installation has two general steps:

  1. Installing the CircuitPython UF2 image onto your device
  2. Installing additional CircuitPython Libraries as needed

I. CircuitPython UF2 Image

Installation of CircuitPython via CircuitPython UF2 image installation is a simple drag-and-drop operation because Adafruit devices usually support USB mode.

When you connect the microcontroller to your computer via a USB cable, it will appear on your computer as a USB drive.


Make sure that the cable you use is a USB data cable. If you are using a USB charging cable, the device will not be mounted on your system as a USB drive.

UF2 Steps

  1. Download UF2 image for your board
    • Go to CircuitPython Downloads site and click on your board
    • NOTE: if your board does not appear on the list, then it probably does not support CircuitPython. The majority of Adafruit devices support CircuitPython.
  2. Place your device into bootloader mode
    • Refer to documentation for your device as this process varies
  3. Drag and drop the UF2 file you downloaded in the first step to your device via the mounted Bootloader USB drive
    • The name of the mounted Bootloader drive varies. For example, the Raspberry Pi Pico bootloader drive is named RPI-RPI2)
    • If the copy is successful, you should see the Bootloader drive automatically unmount, and then a new drive usually named CIRCUITPY will automatically mount

If the above three steps complete successfully, you are done! You can start coding with CircuitPython on your device. Thereafter when you reconnect your device to your computer, it should automatically been seen as a USB drive named CIRCUITPY. You will no longer see the bootloader disk mounted unless you place the device into bootloader mode -- usually you will only go to the bootloader mode to upgrade CircuitPython.

Located on your CIRCUITPY drive folder, the main starter program is

Use any editor of your choice -- changes saved to run immediately.


A Beginner's Recommendation.

Mu Editor

While you may use any editor of your choice the Mu Editor is a great editor for beginners. There are versions for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  • When you first run Mu Editor, it should prompt you to pick a mode
    • You may pick the mode for "CircuiPython".
      • The advantage to "CircuitPython mode" is that the Mu Editor will let you access the Serial Console where you can interact with the REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)

Additional References

II. CircuitPython Libaries

Once you have CircuitPython installed on your device, you can start coding in CircuitPython immediately. However, once your code makes calls beyond the libraries included with the UF2 image install -- most commonly after you attach sensors or other breakouts to the microcontroller -- you will need the following additional steps:

  • Download the CircuitPython Library Bundle
  • Copy additional libraries to the microcontroller

As of January 23, 2023 there are 400 CircuitPython libraries!

The full CircuitPython Library Bundle is around 3.5MB compressed.

  • Since the storage available on most microcontrollers is limited
    • There is often not enough capacity to store the complete CircuitPython Library bundle
    • Only copy additional libraries individually based upon the sensors, components and other breakouts you attach

The main options for copying additional libraries onto the microcontroller are:

  • For Adafruit Learn Guides: Bundlefly
  • Manually Copy
  • Using a Tool (I highly recommend circup)



A Beginner's Recommendation.


All CircuitPython Adafruit Learn Guides now have a feature called Bundlefly which will allow users to download one zip file which includes the code, all required libraries, and if needed, asset files.

Find the download link called Download Project Bundle located at the beginning of any CircuitPython code section.

Once you have extracted all the files from the downloaded zip file, you just drag-and-drop them onto your microntroller CIRCUITPY drive.

Manually Copy

You can download the library bundle and then copy the libraries over to the microntroller manually. This is the original method which is labor intensive and prone to error.

  1. Download the CircuitPython Library Bundle
    • Warning

      Make sure to download the bundle that matches the major version of your CircuitPython
    • Unzip the bundle, then drag and drop the individual libraries you need


Most Adafruit learn guides and other 3rd party tutorials reference the manual method.

Using a tool: circup

Circup is a great way to install CircuitPython libraries and keep all your CircuitPython libraries up to date.

While circup does require some intial setup, you should only need to do the setup once.

Circup usage is very similar to python pip.


IMHO using circup is vastly superior to copying CircuitPython libraries manually, but it does require the user to be comfortable with the command line.

Circup Advantages

  • No need to manually:
    • Download the CircuitPython Bundle Library zip file
    • Extract the bundle zip file
    • Drag and drop individual libraries to the microcontroller
  • Install individual libraries by name or a list of libraries in a text file.
  • Generate a list of libraries currently installed on your device with the freeze option. (see below for more info)

I first learned about circup from one of John Park's CircuitPython Parsec videos:

Circup Initial Setup - only need to run once


  • Have a working Python3 installation on your computer.

I recommend to install circup via a python virtual environment.

Although if you prefer, you may skip the virtual environment creation and directly pip install circup onto your computer.

Create Python Virtual Environment (optional - skip to Install Circup if you don't want to use a virtual environment)

On a Mac:

python3 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/circup

On Linux:

python3 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/circup

On Windows:


  • Install Python on your computer
python -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/circup

Activate Virtual Environment

Mac and Linux

. ~/.virtualenvs/circup/bin/activate


source ~/.virtualenvs/circup/Scripts/activate

Install Circup

On all platforms:

pip install circup

On Mac/Linux if you did not use a virtual environment:

pip3 install circup

Circup Usage

NOTE: If using a python virtual environment, before you can call circup, you will first need to activate the virtual environment. (see Activate Virtual Environment above)

Command Examples

  • Circup install a library
circup install adafruit_debouncer
  • Circup remove a library
(circup) jliu@JEFFREYs-MBP ~ % circup uninstall adafruit_debouncer
Found device at /Volumes/CIRCUITPY, running CircuitPython 6.3.0.
A newer version of CircuitPython (7.0.0) is available.
Get it here:
Uninstalled 'adafruit_debouncer'.
  • Circup install list of libraries from a text file
(circup) jliu@JEFFREYs-MBP /Volumes/CIRCUITPY/lib % circup install -r ../requirements.txt
Found device at /Volumes/CIRCUITPY, running CircuitPython 6.3.0.
A newer version of CircuitPython (7.0.0) is available.
Get it here:
Searching for dependencies for: ['a newer version of circuitpython (7.0.0) is available.', 'adafruit_debouncer', 'found device at /volumes/circuitpy, running circuitpython 6.3.0.', 'get it here:']
    a newer version of circuitpython (7.0.0) is available. is not a known CircuitPython library.
    found device at /volumes/circuitpy, running circuitpython 6.3.0. is not a known CircuitPython library.
    get it here: is not a known CircuitPython library.
Ready to install: ['adafruit_debouncer']

Installed 'adafruit_debouncer'.
  • Circup create list of libraries from installed libraries on microcontroller
    • Similar to the pip freeze command.
    • NOTE: Instead of the freeze option, you may also manually create a text file with a list of libraries.
circup freeze > requirements.txt
  • Circup update existing libraries
circup update

Circup Miscellaneous Info

  • Circup bundles-show
(circup) jliu@JEFFREYs-MBP ~ % circup bundle-show
 version = 20210921
 version = 20210921
 version = 0.0.3

Github Issue requesting support for community bundle and future bundles

  • Circup bundles by default are downloaded to User's DATA_DIR/circup

NOTE: Mac default DATA_DIR/circup directory is ~/Library/Application\ Support/circup

(circup) % ls -lrt ~/Library/Application\ Support/circup
total 35752
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  11320 Sep 21 11:55
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff   5506 Sep 21 11:55
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff   4992 Sep 21 11:55
drwxr-xr-x  5 jliu  staff  160 Sep 21 11:55 circuitpython
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  4531939 Dec  5 10:25
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  1398845 Dec  5 10:25
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff   866768 Dec  5 10:25
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff   655732 Dec  5 10:25
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  7197908 Jan  1 19:44
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  3607698 Jan  1 19:44
drwxr-xr-x  8 jliu  staff  256 Jan  1 19:44 adafruit
-rw-r--r--  1 jliu  staff  160 Jan  1 19:44 circup.json

(circup) jliu@JEFFREYs-MBP ~/Library/Application Support/circup  % du -sh .
 51M   .

Config file circup.json

% find ~ -name circup.json
/Users/jliu/Library/Application Support/circup/circup.json

Circup help

(circup) jliu@JEFFREYs-MBP ~  % circup --help
Usage: circup [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  A tool to manage and update libraries on a CircuitPython device.

  --verbose         Comprehensive logging is sent to stdout.
  --path DIRECTORY  Path to CircuitPython directory. Overrides automatic path
  --version         Show the version and exit.
  --help            Show this message and exit.

  bundle-add     Add bundles to the local bundles list, by "user/repo"...
  bundle-remove  Remove one or more bundles from the local bundles list.
  bundle-show    Show the list of bundles, default and local, with URL,...
  freeze         Output details of all the modules found on the connected...
  install        Install a named module(s) onto the device.
  list           Lists all out of date modules found on the connected...
  show           Show a list of available modules in the bundle.
  uninstall      Uninstall a named module(s) from the connected device.
  update         Update modules on the device. Use --all to automatically
                 update all modules without Major Version warnings.

Circup Resources

Alternatives to Circup

  • [ ] minipip: a tool for installing distribution packages for MicroPython and CircuitPython #CircuitPython #MicroPython

  • [ ] pipkin - successor to minipip, included with Thonny 4

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