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Circuit Playground

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Circuit Playground is a great microcontroller for beginners.

Three versions of the Circuit Playground

Device Microcontroller Code RAM / Storage Cost
Circuit Playground Classic ATmega32u4 Arduino only 32KB of In-System Self-Programmable Flash $19.95
Circuit Playground Express ATSAMD21 ARM Cortex M0 Arduino, CircuitPython, or MakeCode 2 MB of SPI Flash storage $24.95
Circuit Playground Bluefruit nRF52840 Cortex M4 Arduino, CircuitPython, or MakeCode 256KB RAM, 2 MB of SPI Flash storage $24.95

NOTE: because the Circuit Playground Classic only has 32KB of storage, it is unable to run CircuitPython.

Circuit Playground Bluefruit


A Beginner's Recommendation.

CircuitPlayground Bluefruit

Among the many Adafruit devices, the CircuitPlayground Bluefruit is a more accesible to beginners:

Bluefruit Screenshot Source:

Use with STEMMA QT components

Here is a cable which has alligator clips on one end and STEMMA QT on the other:

You can also get the following if you're using a breadboard:

Additional References

Adafruit Blog 1/26/2022: Circuit Playground Bluefruit BLE Heart Rate Pendant with CircuitPython

Adafruit Blog 10/11/2022: Circuit Playground Bluefruit Talking Pumpkin

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