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ESP32 overview

ESP32-C3 single core, cost-effective RISC-V MCU with WiFi and BLE 5.0 key aim was to be a replacement for ESP8266 - easy to upgrade existing ESP8266 to ESP32-C3 cheap smart home and office devices

ESP32-S series (ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3) - upgrade from the ESP32 - new and faster LX7 processor architecutre - more security features - on-chip AI capabilities - secure & low power use cases

ESP32-S2 - single core
- upgrade from the ESP32 - secure & low power use cases

ESP32-S3 - dual-core - aimed at AI and AIoT - offline voice recognition - computer vision - wake word detection - multi-dimensional human machine interface Example: ESP32-S3-Box AI Voice development kit

ESP32 Family Feature Grid As mentioned from: Adafruit Blog: ESP32 Family Feature Grid I struggle to remember the differences among the original ESP32 and the subsequent S2, S3 and C3 Series microcontrollers. Was going to carefully assemble a feature grid to organize this, and share it here on the blog…but as it turns out Espressif already has a fantastic one, I just didn’t think to look here. It’s perfection! And long!

Adafruit Blog: Updating ESP32 AirLift Firmware

Adafruit Blog 1/6/2023: An alternate ESP32 flashing utility esputil is a command line tool for managing Espressif devices. It is a replacement for esputil is part of It is written in C and is available as a no-dependency static binary for Mac, Linux, Windows

ESP32 Buyer’s Guide: Different Chips, Firmware, Sensors As referenced from hckrnews

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